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Scalable REST API to handle file uploads for your app: manages file storage, file hosting, and file listing.

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Example cURL requests using the File Upload API

Upload & download files

Bytescale's file upload API is designed for developers that need a fast and scalable way to upload and host files for their app.

  • Upload files via POST requests.
  • File & folder management operations.
  • TLS encryption (data transfers).
  • AES-256 encryption (at rest).
Example cURL request using the File Upload API

Authorize uploads & downloads

Optionally authorize all uploads and downloads via your app's existing security layer using JWTs.

  • Authorize all uploads and downloads.
  • Generate JWTs from your own API.
  • Use your existing security layer.
Authenticated URLs

Hierarchical file storage

Enjoy folder-based storage to manage your uploaded files, in addition to tags and custom JSON metadata per file.

  • Metadata (custom JSON data).
  • Unlimited folders and sub-folders.
  • Recursive and non-recursive listing.
Folder tree

Built-in CDN for downloads

Never sacrifice performance: our CDN ensures high-speed downloads for your users, no matter where they are.

  • Pre-integrated: no setup required.
  • Over 600 points of presence.
  • Covers 90+ cities across 47 countries.
File Hosting API

Clear & simple documentation

Bytescale's documentation is simple, with easy-to-follow code. (We even embed your API key into the examples.)

  • Live code snippets.
  • Simple APIs & SDKs.
  • API key injected into code snippets.
Upload Widget

Monitor traffic & storage

Beautiful dashboards to reveal bandwidth and storage usage in clear and simple terms.

  • Analyze monthly & daily usage.
  • Gain insights by identifying trends.
  • Identify busy and quiet periods.
BrowserBytescale Dashboard

Everything you need to handle
files in your application

Core Features

File Uploading

Benefit from fast cloud storage with ultra-low-latency upload API endpoints and encryption at rest.

File Tagging

Tag files to help organize your content. Tags can also be used to trigger file upload rules.

File Metadata

Save custom JSON metadata against your files to help organize your content.

File Upload Rules

Limit uploads by file size, file type, file tags, and more, by leveraging Bytescale's powerful rules engine.

File Listing

List files in folders both recursively and non-recursively using Bytescale's simple REST API.

Simple Upload API

Upload files with POST requests or our SDKs: our code examples have your API key included in them.

Image Processing APIs

Resize, crop, convert, and watermark images via the URL.

Video Processing APIs

Resize, trim, and optimize videos in real-time via the URL.

Audio Processing APIs

Transcode, trim, and optimize audio in real-time via the URL.

Pro Features

Custom CNAME

Use a custom CNAME for your file URLs to strengthen your company's brand.

External Storage

Integrate external storage: AWS S3, Cloudflare R2, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Storage & HTTP.

Authorized Access

Bytescale allows you to control access to your files via your API through JWT access tokens.


Bytescale offers a Content Ingestion Network (CIN) for file upload traffic.

Team Support

Invite your team to manage and monitor your organization's account.

Upload API docs

Upload files with our APIs, SDKs, and widgets. External storage supported.

Read the Docs
Upload API Docs

Upload Widget docs

Need a file upload UI for your web app? Try our sleek Upload Widget.

Read the Docs
Upload Widget docs
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