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Improve your site's performance with next-generation technologies such as WebP, AVIF, and BlurHash.

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Example image URL using the image CDN

Optimize images via the URL

Effortlessly optimize your website's images in real-time with our powerful, scalable, and developer-friendly URL API.

  • Process images with URL commands.
  • Processed images returned in milliseconds.
  • Permanent caching for faster responses.
Resize Uploaded Images via API

Resize, crop, convert & optimize

Bytescale supports image optimization, automatic cropping, watermarking, blurring, color adjustments, and more.

  • 10+ image resize modes + automatic cropping.
  • Convert HEIC, HEIF, RAW, WEBP, JPEG & more.
  • Watermarking, blurring, adjustments & more.
Image Processing & Optimization API

WebP, AVIF, BlurHash & more

Use the latest image technologies to boost your website's performance, such as BlurHash, WebP, and AVIF.

  • Use BlurHashes for instant image placeholders.
  • Reduce your site's LCP with BlurHash.
  • Reduce your site's bandwidth with WebP & AVIF.
BlurHash example

Reduce bandwidth by up to 90%

Use Bytescale's image compression, quality, and dimension settings, combined with next-gen formats like WebP and AVIF to significantly reduce your site's bandwidth usage.

  • Next-generation formats including WebP & AVIF.
  • Configurable image compression & quality.
  • Multiple fit modes to control image dimensions.
Reduce image size

Worldwide CDN coverage

The Bytescale CDN is optimized for image delivery, providing low-latency and high-speed transfers, all across the globe.

  • Pre-integrated: no setup required.
  • Over 600 points of presence.
  • Covers 90+ cities across 47 countries.
Image Hosting API

Upload images or host externally

Optimize your site's images by linking your existing storage (HTTP, S3, etc.) or upload images to Bytescale: wherever your images are, Bytescale can optimize and serve them.

  • Built-in storage: Works out of the box.
  • External storage: AWS S3, Cloudflare R2, Google Storage & DigitalOcean.
  • CDN mode: optimize external images via HTTP.
Storage options for the Bytescale Image CDN

Monitor traffic & storage

Beautiful dashboards to reveal bandwidth and storage usage in clear and simple terms.

  • Analyze monthly & daily usage patterns.
  • Gain insights by identifying trends.
  • Identify busy and quiet periods.
BrowserBytescale Dashboard

Affordable for everyone

Bytescale is cheaper than most bundled solutions and dedicated image optimization solutions on running costs, due to its permanent caching and economical billing model.

  • $0.25 per 1000 image transformations.*
  • Permanent cache for transformed images.
  • No monthly re-billing for images you've already transformed.

* Bytescale charges based on processing time, which you can control through image compression, image quality, output format, and output dimensions. $0.25 per 1000 images is based on 600ms of processing time per image, which is the approximate time it takes to process a 4000×3000 JPEG into a thumbnail.

Calculating image costs

Everything you need to optimize
your website's images

Core Features

Image Resizing

Resize and intelligently crop images with our on-demand API. Supports large images (1,000MP).

Image Conversion

Convert from PDF, SVG, HEIC, and more to web-safe image formats such as JPG and WebP.

Image Optimization

Optimize images using the latest image compression technology, including WebP, AVIF, and more.

Image Watermarking

Watermark images with repeating text, custom fonts, and even overlay other images.

Smart Cropping

Automatically crop images by allowing our API decide the best point of interest for your image.

Real-time Processing

Process your images on-the-fly using simple URL commands with real-time performance.

Built-in Storage

Upload images with POST requests, or with our SDKs, or manually via the Bytescale Dashboard.

Pull-based CDN

Pull images from external HTTP sources to use Bytescale as a standard pull-based image CDN.


Benefit from a URL API to easily optimize images to web-optimized formats, such as WebP and AVIF.

Pro Features

Custom CNAME

Use a custom CNAME for your image URLs to strengthen your company's brand.

External Storage

Integrate external storage: AWS S3, Cloudflare R2, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Storage & HTTP.

Authorized Access

Bytescale allows you to control access to your images via your API through JWT access tokens.


Bytescale offers a Content Ingestion Network (CIN) for image upload traffic.

Team Support

Invite your team to manage and monitor your organization's account.

Image API reference

Optimize and process your images with simple URL query parameters:

Read the Docs
Image Processing API Docs

Supported Storage

Pull source images via HTTP or from multiple other storage backends:

Read the Docs
Supported Storage docs
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