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Bytescale CDN

The Bytescale CDN offers low-latency content delivery and real-time content optimization for demanding web apps.

All uploaded files and externally hosted files are automatically served via the Bytescale CDN.

The Bytescale CDN is built for high-performance processed digital asset hosting, and uses a dual-cache architecture:

The Bytescale CDN provides these benefits:

Serves optimized assets (see: image processing, video processing, and audio processing)

Supports external storage (see: HTTP, S3, R2, GCP, DigitalOcean).

Supports file access controls (see: JWTs and public key encryption).

Permanent caching:

Eliminates file reprocessing costs & delays.

Reduces load on your origin (if you're using an external file source).

Edge caching:

Low latency and high speed transfers.

Presence in 90+ cities across 47 countries.

Up to 600+ Points of Presence (PoP).

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