Data Types


Transformation parameters provided to a Bytescale File Processing API.

Array support:

Arrays are specified by repeating the same parameter name multiple times on the querystring.

For example, the following querystring declares a file parameter as an array containing two values (/file1.txt and /file2.txt):


The Bytescale SDKs and the ProcessFileAndSave request body (the extendedParams field) also support arrays of transformation parameters. These are specified by providing an array of objects as the field value instead of an object, for example:

transformationParams: [{ file: "/file1.txt" }, { file: "/file2.txt" }]

This structure allows parameter groups to be retained, which is important for certain transformations. For example, the Video Processing API allows developers to specify multiple clusters of w, h and q parameters when specifying the Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) variants in an HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) output video.

Parameters are order sensitive:

The order of the parameters may be important. Please refer to the documentation of each File Processing API for more information.

Maximum URL length:

Bytescale URLs have a maximum total length of 1000 bytes (excluding the hostname and protocol).

To provide a longer parameter list to a Bytescale File Processing API, you must use ProcessFileAndSave (POST) instead of ProcessFile (GET). This allows you to specify parameters via the ProcessFileAndSave HTTP request body (via the extendedParams field).

The extendedParams field supports up to 400KB of transformation parameter data.

This type must be one of the following types:

A single group of transformation parameters provided to a Bytescale File Processing API.

See TransformationParams for more information.

Type: TransformationParamsGroup

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