Data Types


Specifies which paths the user has access to, and the level of access the user has to those paths.

"match": {
"path": "/users/user-xyz",
"scope": "Children"
"permissions": {
"read": {
"file": {
"downloadFile": [
"getFileDetails": true
"folder": {
"getFolderDescription": true,
"getFolderPublicPermissions": true,
"getFolderStorageLayer": true,
"listFolderChildren": true
"write": {
"file": {
"createFile": true,
"deleteFile": true,
"overwriteFile": true
"folder": {
"createVirtualFolder": true,
"deleteVirtualFolder": true,
"setFolderDescription": true,
"setFolderPublicPermissions": true,
"setFolderStorageLayer": true

Describes which file(s) and/or folder(s) to apply the permissions to.

Type: PathPattern

The permissions granted to the user when accessing the file(s) and/or folder(s) matched by the match clause.

Type: BytescaleJwtGrants

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