Data Types


Represents a file successfully uploaded by the Upload Widget or the Bytescale JavaScript SDK.

"accountId": String,
"file": Object,
"filePath": String,
"fileUrl": String,
"lastModified": Integer,
"mime": String,
"originalFileName": String | Null,
"size": Integer,
"tags": String[]
"accountId": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID",
"filePath": "/uploads/image.jpg",
"fileUrl": "",
"lastModified": 1615680311115,
"metadata": {
"myCustomField1": true,
"myCustomField2": {
"hello": "world"
"anotherCustomField": 42
"mime": "image/jpeg",
"originalFileName": "example.jpg",
"size": 43182,
"tags": [

Your account ID.

This is visible on the settings page:

Example: "A623uY2"

Type: String

Length: 7

File object from the DOM (i.e. from the input's onchange event).

The file's path.

We recommend you save this value to your database (instead of the file's URL).

This value always begins with a /.

Example: "/uploads/image.jpg"

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 512

The file's raw URL (i.e. with no file transformations applied).

Example: ""

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 255

Time the file was uploaded or last overwritten. Epoch milliseconds (since midnight 1 January 1970, UTC).

Example: 1615680311115

Type: Integer

Minimum: 0

The file metadata specified in the original upload request as a JSON object.

Type: FileMetadata

File MIME type.

Example: "image/jpeg"

Type: String

Min Length: 3

Max Length: 255

The file's original name on the user's device.

Example: "example.jpg"

Type: String | Null

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 255

The size of the file in bytes.

Example: 43182

Type: Integer

Minimum: 0

The tags you specify here determine which rules will be executed for the upload.

You create rules in the Bytescale Dashboard, and choose which tags trigger each rule.

Rules include: max file size checks, traffic limit checks, rate limit checks, etc.

Example: ["example_tag"]

Type: String[]

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