Data Types


Request body for ResetCache.

You can choose to reset the edge cache, or permanent cache, or both caches.

Warning: Resetting the permanent cache (by setting resetPermanentCache: true) may lead to a significant increase in processing time if numerous file transformations need to be re-performed upon their next request.

Recommended: Prevent cache resets by adding a ?v=<etag> querystring parameter to your URLs. This ensures your URLs change when your files change, eliminating the need for cache resets. The etag field is returned by GetFileDetails and all upload operations, and can be saved to your database.

Example patterns:





You may only use * at the end of the pattern. You must not include your account ID prefix in the pattern.

"pattern": String,
"resetEdgeCache": Boolean,
"pattern": "/raw/example.jpg",
"resetEdgeCache": true,
"resetPermanentCache": true

The URL pattern to reset the cache for, excluding the account ID, but including the delivery method prefix (e.g. "raw", "image", etc.).

May end with a * to indicate that all files with this prefix are to be removed from the cache.

Specify /* to reset your entire cache.

Example: "/raw/example.jpg"

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 512

If true then resets the edge cache for the location(s) specified by pattern.

Type: Boolean

If true then resets the permanent cache for the location(s) specified by pattern.

Type: Boolean

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