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Google Storage Support

Upload, download, and process files in GCP by creating a new folder in the Bytescale Dashboard (see instructions).

Own and manage the Google Storage bucket your files are stored in.

No storage charge for files stored in Google Storage. *


You will still be required to pay the full price of your Bytescale Plan, which includes built-in storage as standard. Your monthly upload request quota will also remain active. The storage in your Google Storage bucket is allowed to grow without limits, and won't incur additional charges from Bytescale, regardless of its size.

Please note the following when using Google Storage:

  • Storage usage for Google Storage is not reported in the Bytescale Dashboard.

  • Requests to transform files from Google Storage may incur additional latency due to internal download operations:

    • Video and audio transformations incur ~1 second of extra latency per 75MB of input file size when using Google Storage.*

    • Image transformations incur no extra latency: the performance is the same as using Bytescale's Built-in Storage.


Applies to the first request only: once the result is cached all subsequent requests to the same URL will return near-instantly.

To use your own Google Storage for read/write storage in your Bytescale account:

  1. Create a Google Storage bucket (if you haven't already).

  2. Create a Google Storage HMAC key pair (access key + secret access).

  3. Create a folder in the Bytescale Dashboard.

  4. Edit the folder's settings.

  5. Click on "Storage Settings".

  6. Change "Storage Type" to "Google Storage".

  7. Follow the instructions on the form that appears.

  8. Click on "Save Changes".

For reference, the "Storage Settings" section of the "Folder Settings" page is shown below:

Configuring a Google Storage bucket

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