Data Types


Response body for BeginMultipartUpload.

"file": {
"accountId": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID",
"etag": "33a64df551425fcc55e4d42a148795d9f25f89d4",
"filePath": "/uploads/image.jpg",
"fileUrl": "",
"lastModified": 1615680311115,
"metadata": {
"myCustomField1": true,
"myCustomField2": {
"hello": "world"
"anotherCustomField": 42
"mime": "image/jpeg",
"originalFileName": "example.jpg",
"size": 43182,
"tags": [
"uploadId": "Kd759aLFxttm69kZ",
"uploadParts": {
"count": 12,
"first": {
"range": {
"inclusiveEnd": 5242879,
"inclusiveStart": 0
"uploadId": "Kd759aLFxttm69kZ",
"uploadPartIndex": 7,
"uploadUrl": "https://...long-url...x-id=PutObject"

Details of the file being uploaded, including its file metadata, file tags, original file name, and MIME type.

Type: FileDetails

A unique ID for the multipart file upload session created as a result of this request.

Example: "Kd759aLFxttm69kZ"

Type: String

Length: 16

The number of parts the file will be uploaded with.

Example: 12

Type: Integer

Minimum: 1

Represents the first part of a file to be uploaded as part of the multipart file upload.

Type: UploadPart

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