Data Types


Request body for ProcessFileAndSave.

"destination": "/destination/image.jpg"

The path to save the processed file(s) to.

See also: Path Variables

Type: FilePathDefinition

The extendedParams field allows developers to specify File Processing API parameters up to a size of 400KB. This contrasts with the use of querystring parameters (i.e. the transformationParams field in the Bytescale SDKs) in several ways:

Bytescale URLs are limited to a total length of 1000 bytes, which restricts the amount of data that can be sent via querystring.

The extendedParams field has a significantly larger capacity, accommodating up to 400KB of data.

When both extendedParams and querystring parameters are used together, they are combined. Querystring parameters are parsed first, followed by extendedParams.

The ProcessFile operation only supports querystring parameters. In contrast, ProcessFileAndSave is compatible with both querystring parameters and the extendedParams field.

Type: TransformationParams

Arbitrary JSON to store against the processed file(s) as metadata.

Type: ProcessedFileMetadata

File tags to store against the processed file(s).

Type: ProcessedFileTags

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