Data Types


Request body for DeleteFolder.

You can use ListFolder to preview the operation using the dryRun parameter.

External storage: external files are only deleted when you directly delete a file or subfolder of a folder that has external storage configured. If you delete the folder itself, only the mapping is removed.

"deleteFiles": Boolean,
"folderPath": String,
"recursive": Boolean
"deleteFiles": true,
"deleteVirtualFolders": true,
"folderPath": "/uploads",
"recursive": true

If true then deletes files.

Default: true

Type: Boolean

If true then deletes virtual folders (virtual folders are folders created using the PutFolder operation).

Default: true

Type: Boolean

The folder to delete.

Example: "/uploads"

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 512

If true then deletes files and folder settings that descend folderPath.

If false then only deletes files that are direct children of folderPath and only deletes the folder settings of the current folder (if any). Does not delete the folder settings of any child or descendant folders.

Default: true

Type: Boolean

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