Data Types


The folder's settings, including its description, public download permissions, and storage layer.

Any credentials originally saved in the folder's settings — such as AWS credentials for custom S3 buckets — are omitted by this type.

"description": "This is an example folder description.",
"publicPermissions": [
"permissions": {
"file": {
"downloadFile": [
"scope": "Children"
"storageLayer": {
"type": "InternalStorageV2"

Folder description.

Example: "This is an example folder description."

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 100

Permissions applied to anonymous users who attempt to download files from a folder.

Each folder can declare these permissions via its FolderSettings object.

Type: PublicPermissions[]

Storage layer summary information, describing an existing folder's storage layer.

This data type does not contain credentials.

Type: StorageLayerSummary

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