Data Types


Response body from an API endpoint that performs work asynchronously (i.e. does not complete the work immediately).

"jobDocs": String,
"jobId": String,
"jobType": String,
"jobUrl": String
"jobDocs": "",
"jobType": "ExampleJob",
"jobUrl": ""

Link to the documentation that describes how to get a job's status from its job ID.

Type: String

Value: ""

Unique ID for the job.


Type: String

Length: 26

Type of the job.

Example: "ExampleJob"

Type: String

Allowed Values: "AntivirusJob", "CopyFileBatchJob", "CopyFolderBatchJob", "DeleteFileBatchJob", "DeleteFolderBatchJob", "ProcessAudioJob", "ProcessImageJob", "ProcessVideoJob", "ResetCacheJob"

URL for the job's status.

You can GET this URL to retrieve the job's status.

You must authorize your GET request with a secret_* API key when accessing the URL.

Example: ""

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 255

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