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Expiring Files with TTLs

Bytescale supports Time To Live (TTL) rules for files. This allows you to automatically delete specific files after a certain period of time.

Navigate to:

Add a new file TTL

Define a TTL rule to delete files uploaded with the my_example_project tag after 1 hour:

Configure your file TTL

Note: TTL rules only take effect on files uploaded after the TTL rule is created/updated.

To use your TTL rule, you must tag your uploads with the my_example_project tag.

You can tag uploads automatically via your API key's settings:

Navigate to:

Edit your API key

This will automatically tag all uploads (made using this API key) with the my_example_project tag:

Add a tag to your API keySet the tag for your API key

After saving changes to your API key, all uploads made using this API key will expire after 1 hour.

Save changes to your API key

Note: files are typically deleted within 2 minutes of expiration.

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