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Built-in Storage

Bytescale's built-in storage is the fastest way to launch new applications with Bytescale.

Pre-integrated into every Bytescale account.

No setup or ongoing maintenance.

Fast and secure cloud storage:

AES-256 encryption at rest.

TLS-encrypted file uploads and file downloads.

Faster video and audio processing (compared to external storage).

By default your account will already be using Bytescale's built-in storage.

To create a folder that uses Bytescale's built-in storage:

  1. Create a folder in the Bytescale Dashboard.

  2. Edit the folder's settings.

  3. Click on "Storage Settings".

  4. Change "Storage Type" to "Built-in Storage".

  5. Click on "Save Changes".

For reference, the "Storage Settings" section of the "Folder Settings" page is shown below:

Configuring an AWS S3 bucket

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