Data Types


Permissions applied to anonymous users who attempt to download files from a folder.

The downloadFile field declares which transformations, if any, the folder's files can be downloaded though.

Each folder can declare these permissions via its FolderSettings object.

"downloadFile": String[]
"downloadFile": [

An array of transformation URL slug patterns.

This array specifies which transformation slugs can be used when downloading files from this location.

Use "*" to allow all file downloads.

Use "raw" to allow raw/original file downloads.

Use a * suffix to allow transformation prefixes. For example: "thumbnail-*" will allow thumbnail-sm and thumbnail-lg.

Use any other value to allow specific transformations. For example: "thumbnail" will allow thumbnail downloads only.

Use an empty array to indicate no file downloads are allowed.

Example: ["*"]

Type: String[]

Min Items: 0

Max Items: 10

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