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Example Video URL using the Video Upload API

Upload videos with a simple API

Bytescale's real-time video upload API is designed for developers that need a fast and scalable way to store, transcode, and stream videos on-demand.

  • Video-optimized CDN.
  • Stream videos while they're transcoding.
  • Video resizing, cropping, converting, and more.
Example of using the Video Upload API

Prepare your videos for playback

Prepare videos for web playback by appending simple querystring parameters to the URL.

  • Supports almost any input video format (100+).
  • Converts to 8 different web-optimized formats.
  • Resize, crop, trim, and concatenate videos.
Transcoding an uploaded video via the URL

Stream your videos on-demand

Stream your video to millions of viewers, at multiple resolutions, within seconds of uploading your video.

  • Real-time transcoding (playback within seconds).
  • Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) over HLS.
  • Set bitrate and resolution (CBR, VBR & QBR).
  • Stream in multiple resolutions for different devices.
Video Processing & Optimization API

Extract duration, resolution & more

Extract video metadata as JSON, to make decisions within your app based on the uploaded video's characteristics.

  • Video dimensions: width, height & rotation
  • Video length: seconds, frames & framerate
  • Video encoding: codec, color space & bitrate
  • Audio encoding: codec, sample rate & bitrate
Extracting video duration & dimensions

Authorize uploads & video plays

Optionally authorize all uploads and video plays via your app's existing security layer using JWTs.

  • Authorize all uploads and video plays.
  • Generate JWTs from your API for per-user access.
  • Uses your app's existing security layer.
Authenticated URLs

Stream to a global audience

Benefit from a worldwide CDN with built-in video support, allowing for efficient buffering, seeking, and partial playbacks.

  • Global CDN with Full Video Support.
  • HTTP Standard Video Streaming (MP4 & WebM).
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
Video Hosting API

Monitor traffic & storage

Beautiful dashboards to reveal bandwidth and storage usage in clear and simple terms.

  • Analyze monthly & daily usage patterns.
  • Gain insights by identifying trends.
  • Identify busy and quiet periods.
BrowserBytescale Dashboard

Everything you need to handle
videos in your application

Core Features

Video Conversion

Convert almost any input video (100+ supported formats) to a web-optimized output format.

Video Resizing

Resize videos with 10+ fit options, including cropping and scaling with aspect ratio preservation.

Video Cropping

Control your video's output size while preserving its aspect ratio by cropping your video around a point.

Video Trimming

Remove seconds from the start and/or end of your video with simple URL parameters.

Video Concatenation

Create new videos by adding multiple source videos together, e.g. to add intros to your videos.

Video Thumbnails

Generate video thumbnails either automatically or manually using our simple URL API.

Video Metadata

Extract metadata, such as duration, to make decisions in your app based on the user's video.

Simple Upload API

Upload videos with POST requests or our SDKs: our documentation is clear and simple, and includes examples with your API key.

Simple Video API

Benefit from an easy-to-use URL API to stream your uploaded videos in web-optimized formats, such as HLS, MP4, and WebM.

Pro Features

Custom CNAME

Use a custom CNAME for your video URLs to strengthen your company's brand.

External Storage

Integrate external storage: AWS S3, Cloudflare R2, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Storage & HTTP.

Authorized Access

Bytescale allows you to control access to your videos via your API through JWT access tokens.


Bytescale offers a Content Ingestion Network (CIN) for video upload traffic.

Team Support

Invite your team to manage and monitor your organization's account.

Upload API docs

Upload videos with our APIs, SDKs, and widgets. S3 buckets supported.

Read the Docs
Upload API docs

Video API docs

Fine-tune your video playback with simple URL query parameters:

Read the Docs
Video Processing API Docs
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