Data Types


Parameter object passed to the AuthManager.beginAuthSession(params) method in the Bytescale SDKs.

"accountId": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID",
"authHeaders": Function,
"authUrl": "https://your-web-app/your-auth-url",
"options": {
"cdnUrl": "https://your-custom-cname"

Your account ID.

This is visible on the settings page:

Example: "A623uY2"

Type: String

Length: 7

Parameterless function that returns a Promise containing the HTTP request headers to send to the authUrl (represented as a simple dictionary/object).

You must use this parameter to authorize with your authUrl.

Important: do not call 'AuthManager.beginAuthSession' or 'AuthManager.endAuthSession' inside this callback, as this will cause a deadlock.

Type: Function

The fully-qualified URL for your backend API's auth endpoint (the endpoint that returns a JWT as plain text).

Example: "https://your-web-app/your-auth-url"

Type: String

Min Length: 1

Max Length: 255

Optional parameters for the BeginAuthSessionParams.

Type: BeginAuthSessionParamsOptions

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